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Donate a basic health insurance. We are collaborating with various health providers, guaranteeing the fastest way of bringing the service into use. 


Donate school fees and give children the access to secondary school education, which includes boarding schools and day schools.


Donate seeds, tools and seminars to farmers to help them grow their business and escape poverty.

Donate a service. Seed a better future.

Our way to spread some good.

We want to make the world a better place, just like you.
But we know how hard it can be to actually do something.

You probably have the urge to do something good, but you are afraid that your donation might have no impact.
Maybe there is a lack of trust in your veins to existing donation systems because of too little transparency.
Maybe you feel that technology is way behind in progress and it hinders you to donate.

We feel you!
We’ve created Spreadgood to give you more impact, transparency and convenience to help more people!

What is Spreadgood?

As a Spreadgooder you don’t donate money!
As a Spreadgooder you provide directly to a person in need a better life by donating health insurances, education fee payments and agriculture packages (tools, seeds, seminars).
The donated service is transferred to the phone of the beneficiary via mobile payment. At the end, you can see the person, whose life you’ve made better.

Ours can be the first generation to end poverty.

UN Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon


In Afrika (e.g. Kenya) 40% live under the poverty line and still only 17% of them obtain health insurance. This stands in marked contrast to the use of mobile phones (90%) and mobile payment.

Spreadgood leverages this further spreading payment method: your monetary donation is converted directly into a concrete and highly needed services. This can be health insurance, education fees or agriculture packages. The donatee receives the service donation on the mobile phone by mobile payment and herewith gains access to health care, education or the tools for his agricultural business the next day. The donor can track the process and has full transparency about the identification of the donatee.

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Service donations revolutionize the way people donate.


Our fully automatized process converts the monetary donation into a concrete service. There is no other donation system on the market which is more efficient. 


The donation process can be reviewed and verified at any phase. We follow the UN sustainable development goals: access to health care and education, no poverty and zero hunger. 


Our person-to-person approach provides transparency about the beneficiary and enables direct help without detours over NGOs or state aid. 


Service donations are earmarked funds and linked to one person’s ID. Misuse and and fraud are impossible.


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